Doctor Mother Other is a world where parents and their children have permission to dream and permission to be themselves (in fact, we insist on it). My name is Jules and I’ve been a doctor since 2010, which I absolutely love. Working with children and babies and then having my own made me re-look at how I approach life and opportunities. I want my little ones to see that anything is possible and that sometimes, you just need to give things a go. So in 2015, I started a business. I didn’t have loads of money or experience, but I knew I wanted there to be something beyond doctoring and mothering. I believe in quality and being kind to the people and world around us. I value collaboration and helping others wherever possible. Life’s too short to be stingy and boring.

So if you’re thinking about re-inventing yourself, finding your fit, or doing something you know you’re passionate about, then I hope Doctor Mother Other gives you a little more confidence to try. We could all do with a little help and encouragement, so let’s do this together.

Thanks for joining the journey,

Jules x