Doctor Mother Other was born in 2015 and started with some of our most loved designs such as the skating sloth and panda party.

In 2020 it changed hands to us, a husband and wife team and we are so excited to continue and develop the brand on the journey.
We originally bought the skating sloth blanket for our son when he was born back in the early days of Doctor Mother Other and have always loved the brand.

Doctor Mother Other is an expression that no matter who you are life you are not limited to one role, you can be mother and also a doctor and also other , you are uniquely you, you may be a wife, sister, daughter, tennis lover or whatever it may be , life has boundless limits and potential.
And adults and children alike have the opportunity to be whoever and whatever they put their mind to and choose to become.

Our clothes want to be an expression of this and we are excited to bring about new prints and ranges!

Thanks for being a part of our journey.

Thomas & Alexandra